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A Friendly Overture To IISD - Economic Transitioning Via Biosphere Reserves - Pathfinding Climate Reset Actions In Time



Good Day, IISD : International Institute For Sustainable Developments

Thank You For Investing 15 Minutes To Review Our ICG Introduction To Sustainable Development Matrix : The For-Profit Humanitarian Enterprise.

Within Our Published Guideline Is The Core Mission : Securing Sustainable Electric Energy As The Transition Fulcrum Into Climate Reset Action.

For-Profit Humanitarian Principles Are The Essence Of ICG Group Projects - Sustainable Triplex Developments Of Electric Energy And Nutrition Provides Profit.

Within The Six Continents, ICG Proposes To Secure & Develop Sustainable Fusion Energy Production As The Principle For Securing Life On Earth In Continuum. This Is Accomplished Via The Green Energy Triplex Platform.

The Core To The ICG Capability To Leverage Energy Transition Is Secured Through The Accumulated Assignable Energy Assets Within The Global Biosphere Reserves Network - Circa $30-T - This Is Our Proven Corporate Background Since 1960.

ICG Triplex Projects Are Local-Community-Training Enterprises, Wherein They Attain 100% Project Ownership With 10 Years Of Project In-Service. Profitabilities Exceed Traditional Fossil Fuels Energy Projects - Gold Standard Environmental Impact Assessments Is Established Criteria. IMF / WBG Monitor Accumulated Assets Management.

ICG Does Not Solicit IISD Financing At Any Time Within These Deliberations - Project Capitalization Is ICG Responsibility - $200-M / Project; Securing $2-B Assets Base. Global Sustainable Renewable Energy Feedstock @ Circa 4-T Metric Tonnes : Fusion Resource.

Within These Proposed ICG - IISD Seminars, ICG Will Divulge Our Proposals To The ILO / IRCRC / IMF / WBG / IPCC. - As The Energy Transition Matrix.

Again, Thank You For Reviewing This ICG Information Through The Lens Of Entering Into Progressive Dialogue As We Further Illustrate The Economic And Environmental Logic To The Six Continent Biosphere Reserves Network That ICG Group Has Developed Over The Last Sixty Years - And - Within These Proposed Deliberations We Will Detail How Our Background In Agriculture, Mining, Forestry, Construction, Oil And Human, Civil And Political Rights Venues Provides Us With The Sustained Initiative To Ensure The Just Society.

You Are Invited To Assign An Emissary To Contact This Writer, Goodwin (ICG CEO) With The Perspective Of Developing The Progressions Towards Sustained Life On Earth.

Your Reply Will Be Emailed To Ralph C SQUX Goodwin.

Thank You.

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